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Two bottles of Just Simply Patio Cleaner overlooking a view from a patio

Complete Patio Cleaner

High Performance Patio, Path & Driveway Cleaner

Unique garden-friendly formula that

contains NO BLEACH

Removes black spot, algae, lichen

and moss

Cleans natural stone, concrete, block

paving and porcelain


Porcelain & Natural Stone Primer

Specifically formulated for Porcelain & Natural stone

Provides exceptional bond and durability

Simply mix with water

Quick & easy roller brush application

Enhances lifetime performance of paved area.

A man using Paving Primer to lay down patio tiles

Natural Stone &
Porcelain Sealer

Water-based Matt Sealer

Unique pet-friendly formula that maintains the natural beauty of your stone

Biocidal - inhibits microbial growth (reduces the growth of moss and lichen on the stone and grout)

Impregnating, durable sealer with a non solvent based formula

No clouding issues due to damp

Made In Britain

 Two bottles of Natural Stone & Porcelain Sealer in front of a patio


Grout, Porcelain & Stone

Imparts a durable and transparent protective barrier against water & oil on porous or semi-porous mineral surfaces

Non solvent based formula

Biocidal - inhibits microbial growth

Made in the UK

A bottle of grout sealer
Made in the UK logo

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Just Simply Logo

“We are faced with new environmental challenges every single day. But we can make a difference, and there are ways we can all help. We just need to start listening and taking action.  This is why we launched our eco-friendly JUST SIMPLY® range.  Small but important steps. We still have a lot to do but we will keep trying, there's still hope.”

James Rumsey

Director CurvaStone Ltd

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