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Just Simply Complete Patio Cleaner 

JUST SIMPLY Complete Patio Cleaner is a high-performance concentrate specially formulated as a class-leading cleaner of outdoor stone and masonry surfaces. The acid-free, alkaline based solution will not damage sensitive stone and masonry surfaces as frequently occurs with hydrochloric or sulphuric acid cleaners. This is a dual-purpose product; it is formulated with a biocide that will target and eliminate organic matter such as weeds, moss, mulch etc. This product is a unique professional grade Potash based cleaner, relative to caustic soda cleaners it will have superior ability to penetrate stubborn oil and grease stains. Water run-off contains potassium salts and has less impact on the environment than sodium based counterparts. 


Just Simply Complete Patio Cleaner

£8.21 Regular Price
£6.57Sale Price
1 Liter
VAT Included

    -     None bleach based (contains no sodium hypochlorite) 
    -    Acid-free, alkaline based solution, does not damage or etch stone surfaces 
    -    Improved rinsing and saponification properties vs caustic soda-based cleaners 
    -    More eco-friendly than other chemical based patio cleaners 
    -    No need for intense pressure washing for most applications
    -    Dual function: removes dirt & grime and has biocidal properties.


  • Please note all chemical based cleaning products have the potential to cause harm to vegetation or lawned areas. It is therefore advisable to avoid washing off onto garden or lawn grass where possible. If this is unavoidable then rinse with plenty of clean water to dilute the cleaner.

    As with any cleaning product we always recommend testing the product on an inconspicuous area prior to use to ensure full compatibility with your surface.

    Coverage - Coverage rates depend on level of soiling/stubbornness of black lichen spots.

    Typical surfaces: 8m2/litre (5L = 40m2)
    Stubborn surfaces: 5m2/litre (5L = 25m2)

    Colour - Colourless

    Shelf Life - 24 months (unopened)

    Odour - slight odour.

    Availability - 5 Litre

Delivery quoted is to UK mainland only.  If delivery is required outside this area please call for a quote.
Collection available from our Worksop Trade Centre. 
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