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Sigma Series 4 NEX 4BN Professional Tile Cutter - The new Series 4 Nex supersedes the existing Series 3 Max tile cutter with new features and benefits including;


  • Ergonomic handle specifically for push scoring
  • Automatic steel compensator (ratchet system)
  • Any thickness of tile can be scored without adjustment
  • New handle with 3 bearings for a smoother action
  • Lighter, single piece aluminium base for strength
  • Spring loaded support arms for larger format tiles
  • Metric guide bar with size /angle measurements
  • Locator pin for guide bar as a replaceable part of the body
  • Guide bar that can pivot up to 45 degrees in both directions
  • Adjustable stop for quick positioning of the guide bar
  • Metric scale with side and diagonal measure
  • Long and wider lateral stop for thinner cuts
  • New wider breaking foot with anti-mark base
  • Spare scoring wheel storage
  • Base pre-designed to allow fitting o

Sigma Series 4 NEX 4BN Professional Tile Cutter

PriceFrom £441.06
VAT Included
    Delivery quoted is to UK mainland only.  If delivery is required outside this area please call for a quote.
    Collection available from our Worksop Trade Centre. 
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