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Montolit Masterpiuma Power 5 P5 Tile Cutters 

The Masterpiuma  Power 5 range is the lightest among professional tile cutters, and it can cut all types of tile, with thicknesses of 0-22m, quickly and accurately.
Multifunction, power and precision are the main features of this innovative tile cutter which is engineered for easy cutting of all types of ceramic, porcelain & glass tiles, including glass mosaic.


The newly redesigned cutter is described by Montolit as ‘always ready for action’, and in an industry where ceramic, porcelain and delicate vitrified tiles rely on excellent performance, the Power 5 range is sure to provide an ‘All in One’ tile cutting solution.

Montolit Masterpiuma Power 5 P5 Tile Cutters

PriceFrom £380.00
VAT Included
  • Here, we take a close look at the dynamic characteristics of the new Masterpiuma Power 5:

    1. A structured modular frame
    The light aluminium frame structure is supported by reinforcement brackets and ribs at the key points of stress, which ensures the machines are optimised for thick cuts, front cuts and full body porcelain tiles.

    2. A multifunctional goniometrical square
    The multifunctional goniometrical square features an oversized design, so that it can easily rotate to both the left and right at a 45-degree angle. This feature combined with the innovative folding stop ensures that quick and accurate cuts can be made at any angle, with the added benefit of being able to open and close the cutter quickly.

    3. Improved strength
    There are many excellent features which indicate the improved strength of the Masterpiuma P5 range, such as the tungsten carbide engraving wheel, which is coated in titanium and guaranteed for 5,000 metres of cutting. In addition, the double trestle splitting system features scratch resistant polymer. This single component can be kept closed for standard cuts without retracting the handle, and then opened for cuts on mosaic sheets or tile corners. There is also integrated lubricant which is released when the user gently squeezes the dispenser.

    The incision handle also allows the operator to completely control both the incision depth and the splitting force, with pressure easily controlled via the handle which guides the user according to the materials being cut. This means that regardless of whether the operator needs to cut very thick tiles of up to 20mm or very thin glass mosaic tiles, precise cuts can be made without fear.

    4. A roller adjuster system
    The roller adjuster system features a cylinder that is made using wear-resistant and anti-friction material, which ensures the roller always maintains efficient contact with the crosspiece. By eliminating lateral movement and guaranteeing that the incision handle can be slid perfectly, it is possible to always achieve precise cuts.

    5. Lateral supports
    Depending on the cutter size, the new P5 machines feature either an expanded support surface or robust die-cast aluminium wings which are integrated perfectly into the strong frame. This provides improved support to diagonal cuts on large format tiles, without having to leave the profile of the machine.

    6. Machines designed for all sizes
    The new range of Masterpiuma Power 5 machines includes models which vary in size from the 63P5 (63x63cm) through to the 161P5 (161x161cm), which ensures these new tile cutters are able to accommodate the latest tile trends.

Delivery quoted is to UK mainland only.  If delivery is required outside this area please call for a quote.
Collection available from our Worksop Trade Centre. 
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